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CLINICA®PHONE, aka CLINICA®IPHONE, is a unique and single network of shops across Italy and Europe, as it exclusively repairs devices under the Apple® inc.® brand, such as iPhones®, iPads® and Mac® Computers. We do not repair other brands, “we only repair the brand from Cupertino” and we were founded in 2009.

Leaders in Rome and in regions such as Lazio, Tuscany and Puglia, and at the first places in Italy with more than 80 shops open or opening/planned to open soon.

We are the valid, structured, reliable, quick and often cheaper alternative to the official Apple Store®.

Our repair shops boast high levels of success thanks to the combination of many factors, such as design of furnishings, logo, qualification of technicians and the top quality of the parts, just to mention a few. QUALITY AND COURTESY is our motto.

CLINICA®IPHONE is an exclusive repair shop for Apple products that meets consumer needs, providing technical support and a wide range of covers and accessories, all in a single shop.

Our stores are located in central, high-traffic areas, on the street front. Our specialisation in repairing only Apple devices and the high number of devices processed makes CLINICA®IPHONE a benchmark for the growing number of passionate customers of the brand from Cupertino.

When you become a CLINICA®IPHONE franchisee, you are supported by a dedicated team of professionals whose goal is the success of the new repair shop. The affiliate may also benefit from the support of other emerging clinics in the country.

The services offered reflect the approved nature of the business and include express repairs, Mac and iPad support, buying and selling of iPhones, saving data and sales of covers and accessories, as well as original iPhone and iPad products.

The Ideal Franchisee Candidate

The ideal candidate has a dynamic approach and strong practical attitude, and must be decisive and above all proactive.

Managing a CLINICA®IPHONE shop means busy work every day: on the repairs desk, the till, together with your staff, developing local marketing and sales. We are looking for individuals with the goal of entering into a long-term partnership: the franchising contract has a maximum duration of up to 12 years.

A lack of sector experience is not a problem. Through our complete four-week full-immersion training course at the ACADEMY of Dr Adriano, the new franchisee will be given all of the technical knowledge required for repairs, disassembly and reassembly of Apple products. The CLINICA®IPHONE mission is also passed on: to provide an exceptionally high-quality and impeccable service above and beyond every other shop striving to be like ours.

Professional Requirements

The professional requirements and personal attributes of the candidate are assessed by the founder, Adriano Massaccesi Loreti, with whom every potential affiliate will have their first meeting. He himself deals with identification of new partners capable of guaranteeing planned and lasting growth together.

Please Note: CLINICA®IPHONE is not looking for investors, nor entrepreneurs aiming to diversify their business. The candidate must be an individual or a group of enterprising people that simply meet the financial requirements.

80% of our chain is based on franchising and the success achieved during our 10 years of history rests on selecting the right people to entrust with management of our shops and our customers.

So do not be surprised if our selection process is detailed and rigorous.


CLINICA®IPHONE design has been conceived, developed and created exclusively at our head office, in order to communicate enthusiasm and a professional approach, because design is fundamental for us. Indeed, nothing is left to chance. Our design is even registered. Step by step, render by render, our Architects “Zelo Interazioni” from the Parioli quarter of Rome, headed by Architect and Designer Micaela Deodati, will guide you in identifying the right solutions for your shop. All CLINICA®IPHONE repair shops are the same, but there is a choice between two different design solutions: PURE and DELUXE.

MacBook®Repair Shop

The franchising package can be completed with the new brand Mac Repair Shop© dedicated exclusively to the world of Mac.

The Mac Repair Shop© is a new service specialised exclusively in the repair of Apple computers, with technicians from the Academy of Dr Adriano, trained for any problem and who have truly seen every possible issue.

CLINICA®IPHONE would like to underline that we are not affiliated with Apple® Inc., we do not repair products within Apple® warranty, we are not Apple® Retail. We were founded and strive to offer an alternative to the official network.

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