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Our History, how we were born, who is its creator and the requirements to open a shop directly without switching to franchising promotion websites and losing extra time

Rome, February 2009

What would you do if you broke the screen of your iPhone?

A first reaction would be to visit the nearest Apple Store 🙂 After all, each store has a repair team known as the Genius Bar. You bring your iPhone to them (or any other Apple product) and a “genius “Will repair your device. It looks pretty simple. But if the screen under your glass is broken or the corners of the body are dull or worse it has been in contact with water, it is not covered by Apple’s warranty. For example, to get a rebuilt iPhone 6, you have to face a $ 279 expense. While waiting on the stool (a good deal) that you give it back you have to pay rent and bills, and then 279 euros are hard to digest.

Here comes the clinica and Dr. Adriano

Dr. Adriano (real name Adriano Massaccesi Loreti) is a real “one-man” capable of restoring your iPhone. By working from his shop, he can repair your phone in 30 minutes and much less than you would pay for at the Apple Store. For example, if you have the broken LCD screen of the iPhone 6, the price requested by Dr Adriano is only 125 euros, for a display of a quality that can not be found on the Italian market, you know what it is to break an iPhone.

Story – The Scooter and the iPhone®

“It flew my iPhone from the scooter, I was furious, back home I watched YouTube videos about fixing the problem, I was crazy, I was resigned, I already knew what I was expecting …” This is a fairly easy repair “Said Adriano during a visit to his shop. DrAdriano started just putting ads on eBay. “The hardest part was building a network of people in my town.”

Every customer is important because they have friends who have other friends … I provide good service and a good experience, work with care and passion that provides me with other customers and this is the main thing, because I give it the utmost importance. ”

Dr. Adrian’s work

“Customers are looking for an alternative, valid, safe, and cheaper. I take responsibility for what I’m about to do. If someone goes to eBay, you buy the piece to be replaced and if you mount it alone, you take a great responsibility that almost always generates more damage. If they can not screw up and reassemble their phone, they throw the piece or fry the motherboard. If I spoil the iPhone, I replace it. This is seriousness and reputation I intend to keep to make progress and expand my business, “said the doctor. Anyone familiar with repairing Apple products knows that getting the right parts is a difficult task. Adriano only purchases expensive and high quality components for the iPhones to achieve perfection in repair, Dr. Adriano and his technicians are fanatics of perfection.

An iPhone with the New Glass! Everything in 30 minutes of work. Adriano mentioned the pleasure he derives from his work. “If you’re hands-on with good manners, and you’re not terribly worried about breaking your iPhone, it’s fun to do, but these people I do not encourage, encouraging me to come to me! ”

Inauguration CLINIC IPHONE MONTI, guest Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
Inauguration CLINICA®IPHONE ROME CENTER MONTI, guest Luca Cordero di Montezemolo



CLINICA®PHONE also known as CLINICA IPHONE is the only and unique network of stores in Italy and Europe as it solely repairs ®Apple Inc. ® brand devices like iPhones, ®iPads and mac computers

We do not repair other brands, “only repair cupertino brand” and we were born in early 2009.

Leader in Rome and in Regions such as Lazio, Tuscany and Puglia and the first places in Italy with more than 80 shops open or in the opening phase and already designed to open soon.

The Valuable, Organized, Secure, Fast, and Economical Alternative to Italy at the Aple Store® Officer.

Its repair shops boast high levels of success thanks to a combination of many factors, such as furniture design, logo, engineer training, and top quality spare parts, just to name a few. QUALITY & COURTESY our motto.

CLINICA®PHONE is an exclusive Apple product repair shop that responds to consumer demand by providing technical support and a wide range of covers and accessories, all in one store.

Its outlets are located in central areas, in the busiest streets of cars but above all in the street. Being specialized in repairing only Apple devices and the high number of machined devices, makes CLINICA®PHONE the benchmark for the growing number of Cupertino brand enthusiasts.

When you become a franchisee CLINICA®PHONE is supported by a dedicated team of professionals whose goal is the success of the new repair shop. The affiliate can also benefit from the support of other emerging clinics nationwide.

The services offered reflect a proven business and range from express repairs, Mac and iPad assistance, iphone sales, data saver up to the sale of covers and accessories, as well as Original iPhone and iPad products.

The ideal candidate has a dynamic approach and a clear practical sense, is resolutely and above all propositive.

Managing a CLINICA®PHONE shop means working actively every day: repairing counter, cash, along with your staff, developing local marketing and sales.
We are looking for motivated people to undertake a long-term partnership: the franchise contract lasts for up to 12 years.

The lack of experience in the industry is not a problem; Through the four-week full-immersion training course at Dr. Adriano’s ACADEMY, the new franchisee will transfer all the technical know-how needed for repair, disassembly and re-assembly to the latest life of Apple devices, but The CLINICA®PHONE mission is also taught to provide exceptional and flawless quality service above any other store that would like to look like ours.

The professional requirements and personal attitudes of the candidate are evaluated directly by the founder, Adriano Massaccesi Loreti, with which each potential affiliate will have the first meeting. It is himself who is concerned with recognizing new partners able to guarantee, together, a programmed and lasting growth over time.

Warning: CLINICA®PHONE does not seek investors or entrepreneurs who intend to diversify their business. The candidate must be a person individually or a company of enterprising people who simply have the required financial requirements.


80% of our chain is based on franchising, and the successes of over 7 years of history are based on the choice of the right people to entrust the management of our stores and our customers.

So do not be surprised if our selection is accurate and rigorous.


The design of CLINICA®PHONE has been designed, designed and produced exclusively by the headquarter, born to arouse enthusiasm and professionalism because design care for us is crucial. In fact nothing is left to chance, think about our design is also registered. Step by Step, render after render, our architecture studio “Zelo Interazioni” to Parioli directed by the Arch. Micaela Deodati Designer will guide you in the right solution for your locale. All CLINICA®PHONE Repair Shops are the same, but you can choose between two Design: Original and Deluxe solutions.


You will also be able to complete the franchise package with the brand MAC REPAIR SHOP exclusively dedicated to the mac world.

MAC REPAIR SHOP © is a new service specializing solely in computer repair with the apple, with Dr Adriano Academy technicians prepared for any event and who have really seen them all.

Warning: CLINICA®PHONE tells us that we are not affiliated with Apple Inc. We do not repair Apple Warranty products, we are not Apple Retail, we are born and we are committed to being an alternative to the official network.

CLINICA®PHONE is ® 2009 – 2019 All Rights Reserved.
Dr. Adriano-Mac Repairguys is ® 2009 – 2019 All Rights Reserved.
IPHONE CLUB 2008 – 2019 is a trademark.
IPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apple TV, Macintosh, and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. This site is in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc.

To obtain more information about the CLINICA®PHONE franchise network, fill in and submit the form on this page, but please read and agree to the terms and conditions of use of this form.


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