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Servicing is aimed at guaranteeing that each iPhone leaves the workshop compliant with the original technical and functional specifications.

What Does Servicing Cover?

Every part of your iPhone is serviced. During replacement of the display and battery, we perform cleaning of the shell and grills with extreme care, ensuring perfect function and aesthetics.

Quality Test

Rigorous outgoing quality tests on products guarantee quality and reliability in line with your expectations.

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Technical Analysis

Prior to each servicing, an iPhone expert with special CLINICA®IPHONE training performs a meticulous examination of the mobile phone. After careful assessment, it is subjected to numerous tests to determine exactly which operations are needed to bring the iPhone back into line with strict performance requirements.

Cleaning the Mobile Phone

For cleaning, components are disassembled and specially treated with ultrasound techniques in special solutions.

Mounting New Display

The CLINICA®IPHONE technician will carefully install each component of the Display, using professional and innovative tools to minimise installation errors and guarantee perfect functioning of the mobile phone.

Shell and Grill Cleaning

The same rigorous attention to detail paid to servicing of components is also applied for the shell and grills, which are often responsible for low call and ringer volume. Following initial cleaning, both are meticulously examined and any worn or damaged components are replaced. Expert hands bring the aluminium shell as close to new condition as possible, using ultrasound treatment to restore its gloss finish.


The display is separated from the shell. The shell is disassembled and the motherboard removed. Next, the display is completely disassembled and the old battery is removed.

Replacement of Components

A CLINICA®IPHONE technician carefully examines every single component of the mobile phone, identifying the parts that need replacement beyond the display and battery. Technicians exclusively use the best OEM parts available, supplied directly by the Franchise's central hub.

Mounting New Battery

The Motherboard certainly represents the heart of an iPhone, but also the battery holds a primary role in guaranteeing desired device efficiency. Every one of our batteries is an original CLINICA®IPHONE component with lithium cells "Made in Japan", recognised by iOS and capable of guaranteeing long battery life and impeccable peak performance.

Reassembly and Final Quality Control

All parts are reassembled to form the iPhone. All mobile phone seals, including the display seal, are replaced, guaranteeing the same standards as a new device straight from the factory.

Rigorous testing is performed during every step of the servicing. Power reserve, touch-screen precision, iPhone functionality and aesthetics are finally checked against the production specifications in order to guarantee the highest standards.

iPhone® Servicing

Return your iPhone to its original splendour.

We look after your iPhone®

In addition to Servicing of your iPhone, we will perform an encoded backup of your device and you will receive professional installation of a Tempered Glass i-Paint free of charge.

Back. Up.

Encoded backup and software optimisation! Following authorisation, the CLINICA®IPHONE technician will perform an encoded backup (destroyed at the end of the process in your presence) that allows optimisation and freeing up of a huge amount of your iPhone's unused memory. This step is very important and allows us to guarantee our work and components for 1 year, excluding the battery, which is still covered for 3 months.


For each servicing, we offer professional installation of a Tempered Glass i-Paint display protector, free of charge.